Throat Chakra Intuition Course

Develop your intuitive abilities specific to the throat chakra.


What is Throat Chakra Intuition?

The throat chakra speaks in many ways. Think of all of the uncomfortable sensations you experience at the throat when dynamics are off. Feeling like you can’t quite access the right words, stumbling over what you say, not speaking up. These are all intuitive indicators. The throat embodies truth, freedom, choice, communication, expression and so much more. This powerhouse of an energy center holds so much intuitive potential!

Your intuition is speaking. Are you listening?

Let me guess….

You’ve spent a lifetime seeking answers outside of yourself and you know this is NOT the answer. You’ve gone against that inkling, that feeling, that knowing.


You have done this because you’ve wanted to. You’ve done this because you haven’t know HOW to access and interpret the information coming through.

It’s time to put a stop to intuitive override.

Let’s work with that and strengthen the THROAT!

The Throat Chakra Struggle is Real.

Whether you find yourself holding back, shutting down or simply unable to communicate, this energy center has a lot in store. All of these responses, reflect back to you what you are experiencing within the energy. This is one of the most sensitive centers intuitively. Learn how to optimize your intuition by working with the throat!

5-Throat Chakra Intuition

What does it mean to be Throat Chakra Dominant? What are your strengths and challenges at the throat chakra level?

When your dominant energy center tests as the throat chakra, you are able to experience intuitive insight at this part of your body. Your response in communication and expression is one powerful way you are being shown resonance and dissonance. 

Course Outline

Module 1

Throat Chakra Intuition


  • Intuition is Resonance
  • Discernment vs. Judgement
  • The Chakra System
  • Navigating the Subtleties
  • Intuitive Indicators
  • External vs. Internal

Module 2

Directionality + Planes


  • Anatomical Planes + Directionality
  • Frontal Plane: Front/Back
  • Transverse Plane: Top/Bottom
  • Sagittal Plane: Left/Right
  • Bringing it back to center

Module 3

Front + Back


  • Resonance and Dissonance at Front + Back
  • Frontal Plane Stressed + Supported States
  • 5-1 Throat-Front Indicators
  • 5-2 Throat-Back Indicators

Module 4

Top + Bottom


  • Resonance and Dissonance at Top + Bottom
  • Transverse Plane Stressed + Supported States
  • 5-3 Throat-Top Indicators
  • 5-4 Throat-Bottom Indicators

Module 5

Left + Right


  • Resonance and Dissonance at Left + Right
  • Sagittal Plane Stressed + Supported States
  • 5-5 Throat-Left Indicators
  • 5-6 Throat-Right Indicators

Module 6

You are the Divine Spark


  • The Divine Spark is within you
  • Your Body as a Truth Detector
  • Opening up the Intuitive Dialogue
  • Orienting Yourself from the Inside Out
  • Aligning with Truth Frequency
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