Root Chakra Healing Kit

Address foundations and heal from the root up

What does the root chakra have to do with healing?

The root chakra is the energy center that connects you to your physical body and the natural world. This vortex bridges the material with the energetic and is essential to address when experiencing imbalances across these aspects: Body, food, trauma, grounding, abundance, elimination, movement, rhythm, community, traditions, autonomy, generational imprinting (and so much more). In order to heal at the root level, you must bring your energy fully into the body. The spiritual work is done through the physical form.

1-The Root Struggle

First, identify a prioritizing root chakra struggle.

The root chakra is the foundational aspect of your energy system. It connects you with your physical body, to this material realm. It embodies all of the aspects connected to physicality, such as food, movement, traditions, community, trauma, generational imprinting, rhythms. The chakra system is your central line connecting you to the physical world and to your spirit. These energy centers are vortexes that bridge the seen with the unseen. 

2-Identify Patterns

Now it’s time to identify prioritizing patterns.

Identify the constructs that you are bound to in the physical body and in the mind. You hold the keys to liberate yourself from any loop, any trauma that is holding you prisoner in your experience. Identify a root chakra pattern and write out as much detail as you can about it. Get very specific and elaborate on the thought loops connected to this pattern as well as the reactionary states, toxic behaviors, etc. 

3-Reclamation Through Grounding

Where is your energy at?

In order to reclaim your energy, it’s important to identify where your energy is. Are you grounded in your physical body? Begin to practice noticing where your energy is and then consciously call it back into your body. This is a major step in reclaiming your energy at the root. 

Ungrounded Presentations

To ground your energy, first connect with how you are ungrounded.

What is your energetic reflex? Where does your energy go when it leaves your body? Do you hover above yourself, do you get locked into your head? When you can identify this pattern, then you can reclaim your energy through grounding and becoming fully aware of inhabiting your phsyical form.


Allowing your body to do its natural work

When you can look honestly at the constructs, belief systems and interferences that keep you locked into unhealthy root specific patterns, you can shift. Having the awareness of the pattern creates a separation between you and the loop. Reclaiming your intuition is a remembrance of what already exists within you. This is part of embodying your essence. 

Looking for more root chakra support?

Whether you’re stuck in survival mode and locked into some type of chronic fear or just feel weighed down by the density of this realm, the root chakra could be a serious access point for change.  Your root chakra is highly intuitive and speaks through the language of sensation and grounding. Check out the root chakra offerings below to strengthen this area of your energy.

1-Root Intuition Self-Study Course

What does it mean to be Root Chakra Dominant? What are your strengths and challenges at the root chakra level?

When your intuition leads from the root, you may experience quite a range of sensation. It may be easier for you to ground down than connect up. You may also feel the physical pain and discomfort of others in your own body. Areas of root chakra struggle include food, body, family of origin, foundations, tribe, the material world and being stuck in fear.

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