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Ready to support your
HEART CHAKRA? All things


When you're out of balance at the heart chakra, it is easy to over give and take on the suffering of others and humanity at large. It's critical to embody compassion in order to stay centered at the heart. When you strengthen your heart chakra intuition, it supports the following:

Your heart chakra is highly intuitive. It speaks through the language of unity with others and seeks oneness in all things.

is REAL.


allow and receive love

maintain an open heart

embrace oneness and unity at the heart without taking on the suffering around you

shift out of over empathizing and into unwavering compassion

Free yourself at the heart chakra level by optimizing your heart chakra intuition. Experience these states:

Tap into your 
heart chakra potential.

Let me guess......

You’ve spent a lifetime seeking answers outside of yourself and you know this is NOT the answer.

You’ve gone against that inkling, that feeling, that knowing.


You haven't done this because you’ve wanted to.

You've done it because you haven’t known HOW to access and interpret the information coming through.

Let's work with that and strengthen your

Are you listening?

Your intuition is speaking.

Course Outline

Intuition is Resonance 
Discernment vs. Judgement
The Chakra System
Navigating the Subtleties
Intuitive Indicators 
External vs. internal  

Heart Chakra Intuition

Module One


Anatomical Planes + Directionality
Frontal Plane: Front/Back
Transverse Plane: Top/Bottom
Sagittal Plane: Left/Right
Bringing it back to center

Directionality + Planes

Module Two


Resonance and Dissonance at Front + Back
Frontal Plane Stressed + Supported States
4-1 Heart-Front Indicators
4-2 Heart-Back Indicators

Front + Back

Module Three


Resonance and Dissonance at Top + Bottom
Transverse Plane Stressed + Supported States
4-3 Heart-Top Indicators
4-4 Heart-Bottom Indicators

Top + Bottom

Module Four


Resonance + Dissonance at Left + Right
Sagittal Plane Stressed + Supported States
4-5 Heart-Left Indicators
4-6 Heart-Right Indicators

Left + Right

Module FIVE


Divine Intelligence is Hardwired in
Your Body is a Truth Detector
Opening up the Dialogue
Orienting Yourself from the Inside-Out
Aligning with Truth Frequency

You Are Divine Intelligence

Module SIX


I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a guide on your  intuitive journey. My greatest intention is to guide you back to yourself, for you are the wise one and all answers reside within you. 

This intuition teaching was divinely inspired and a gift to receive from the ethers. Developing my own intuition has been a retraining and reframing to free myself from the conditioning and constructs of social and institutional influence. We are all Sovereign Beings with Divine Intelligence hardwired into our bodies. We all have access to the beautiful language of intuition. 

Ready to listen?

Hi, I'm Alexis!

It's hard to listen to your inner compass when you don't know how to articulate what it is you're perceiving. Developing a vocabulary to make sense of your experience supports the accelerated development of your intuitive abilities. Those abilities have been with you for life. This process supports language and placement of subtle and pronounced impressions. 

Develop vocabulary to articulate what you sense

Ready to download and get busy journaling? So much of this work is asking questions, connecting with the information and taking notes so that you can piece together the puzzle of intuitive dialogue yourself. It's going to be fun!

downloadable workbook

The chakra system provides us with a clear framework. We will connect specific sensations and impressions with the heart chakra and its affinity for intuitive information.

Connect with sensations associated with the HEART

Your self-study course will be immediately available. This is a 6 module video training with downloadable PDFS. A bang for your buck, indeed!


When you have a clear context to place intuitive impressions, your intellect can make sense of the information coming through. When your intellect can process your intuition, you are less likely to override your intuitive guidance. 

Establish context for intuition impressions

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