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Intuition is a Language

To develop your intuition is to strengthen your direct dialogue with your own spirit. I help you establish context, vocabulary and strcutre to place the subtle impressions and sensations you have experienced all along.

Hi! I’m Alexis.

How long have you been seeking answers outside of yourself?

Sadly, we have been conditioned away from our own knowing. We have been trained to turn our authority over to something outside of ourselves. 

Are you ready to step into your authority and reclaim yourself?

The answers, the knowing, the wisdom, resides with you. 


The 7 Chakras + Intuition

Why are the energy centers relevant to intuition? The 7 chakras are the major connection points between the physical body and the energy bodies. They provide a structure and context to place intuitive information. 

1-Root Intuition

What does it mean to be Root Chakra Dominant? What are your strengths and challenges at the root chakra level?

When your intuition leads from the root, you may experience quite a range of sensation. It may be easier for you to ground down than connect up. You may also feel the physical pain and discomfort of others in your own body. Areas of root chakra struggle include food, body, family of origin, foundations, tribe, the material world and being stuck in fear.

2-Sacral Intuition

What does it mean to be sacral chakra dominant? What are the strengths and challenges experienced at the sacral level?

When your intuition leads from the sacral chakra, you are dialed into emotion and energetic boundaries. This means that what you struggle with is also where your great intuitive potential resides. The sacral chakra is connected with all things creatitivity, flow, space, relationships and much more.

3-Solar Intuition

What does it mean to be a solar plexus intuitive? How does this serve you and how does this challenge you?

The solar plexus has a heightened ability to perceive energy from your environment. That means that you are able to sense other people’s energy with a highly acute ability. The challenge becomes how to discern what is yours and what is not yours. Learn how to navigate the world with this ability without it leading to anxiety, stress and overwhelm.




4-Heart Intuition

What does it mean to be heart chakra dominant? How does this impact the way you experience the world?

Ready to harness the incredible ability you have to perceive the world through the heart? The heart seeks to unify. The heart expereiences connection between you and everything around you. It is also where we can be derailed by empathetic response, taken down and overcome by suffering at every turn. You can learn to anchor into compassion without being derailed. Learn to optimize your intuitive abilities at the heart!

5-Throat Intuition

What does it mean to be a throat chakra intuitive? What are your strengths and what are your challenges?

The throat chakra speaks in many ways. Think of all the uncomfortable sensations you experience at the throat when dynamics are off. Feeling like you can’t quite access the right words, stumbling over what you say, not speaking up, these are all intuitive indicators. The throat embodies truth, freedom, choice, communication, expression and so much more. This is a powerhouse of an energy center to tap into! 



6-Third Eye 

What does it mean to be third eye chakra dominant? What are your strengths and what are your challenges?

The third eye embodies the intellect and the intuitive (when we think of more psychic intuitive abilities). This is the energy center where you experience imagery, auditory info and straight up immediate knowing. It can be challenging to discern intellect from intuition when your tendency is to get stuck in the head. Tap into your incredible intuitive strengths at this center!




7-Crown Intuition

What does it mean to be crown chakra dominant? What are your strengths and what are your challenges?

When you experience the world through the crown chakra, you perceive signs and synchronicity strongly. It may be easy for you to see the goodness and a struggle to see through deception. Discernment is essential. Utilize your ability to connect to your spirit and receive clear confirmation (often through the form of chills) to strengthen other areas of crown chakra based intuition. 



All 7 Chakras Bundle

Ready to fully immerse yourself in all 7 of the chakra based intuition courses? It’s time to crank up your intuitive radar!

Learn how to optimize your intuitive abilities across all 7 energy centers. This bundle overdelivers! There is so much value in this information. It’s very digestible, immediately applicable and forever serve in your ability to discern.





Welcome to the Tangible Intuition Podcast where we dive deep into all things energy and body based knowing. Host Alexis Saloutos, makes intuition tangible, energy practical and the physical magical.

From casual conversations to professional case studies, this podcast will help you make sense of the subtleties you’ve experienced all of your life. You are a natural born truth detector.

Learn how to ground, hold clear energetic boundaries, discern energy and decipher your intuition.

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