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E2: The Chakra System

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3 ways your throat chakra is intuitive
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E2 The Chakra System


Music by Erica Cooper

Chakras are the bridge between the physical and energetic. They have so much insight to offer because we can get in direct dialog with these energy centers and they provide tangible information.

What is Chakra System

These energy centers are connecting us with the inner and outer world so we can gather information about ourselves and our inner environment. We can also gather information about our external environment, how we are interacting with the external, what’s surfacing for us in relationship to our environment and relationship to others.

1 Root Chakra

This first chakra is our connection with the earth and connection with our physical body. It is also the energy center that governs our relationship to food and our family of origin.

2 Sacral Chakra

This energy center is the house of creativity and it governs intimacy. It surfaces often around our ability to connect and have healthy relationships with others. Boundaries, fluidity, space are the primary energies that I associate with the Sacral Chakra.

3 Solar Plexus Chakra

This is the energy center that we can internalize our external environment. This is where we see a lot of different dynamics between self and other. The ability to discern self from other becomes one of the greatest teaching of the solar plexus.

4 Heart Chakra

This is the central energy. This energy center has tremendous capacity to detect resonance. Your ability to detect truth in the physical body is connected in with your ability to discern resonance from dissonance. The energy of love and compassion are central to the Heart Chakra.

5 Throat Chakra

This is the energy center that governs communication. The primary energy that I associate with the Throat Chakra is truth. Your intuitive barometer may reveal itself in the form of voice fluctuations, censoring and shyness.

6 Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is also called the psychic center. This is the house to so much of we would connect in with intuition and intellect. Learning how to discern how it is that you are experiencing intuitive information at the third eye level. It could be through a dreamscape or imagery.

7 Crown Chakra

This is our point of connection to our source energy. This energy center is tied in with our purpose, with faith, with hope, with peace.

How do we work with it?

The Intuition Teaching is broken down by anatomical planes and directionality across the chakra system using very specific sensations and impressions to help people learn where their body is detecting dissonance. 

If you are looking for the chakra to begin your intuition journey with, take the Intuitive Type Quiz here and discover your primary intuition chakra.

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