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E1: What is Intuition?

what is intuition?
3 ways your throat chakra is intuitive
intellect vs. intuition
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I'm Alexis!

I'm here to help you learn the language of your intuition. Begin to place the subtleties that you've experienced all of your life. 


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What is intuition?

Intuition is body based resonance recognition. When you are clear in your body’s ability to discern resonance from dissonance, you can discern truth frequency. Truth resonantes. However, we have been trained and conditioned to override this frequency.  

Every single person has access to dialogue with the Divine intelligence hardwired within. Of course, we must attune ourselves to listen.

Resonance vs. Dissonance

Essentially, what I’ve been shown is that when we are operating from the center of our direct line or chakra system, we are able to experience resonance (truth frequency). When we are pulled in a specific direction away from our center, we experience dissonance. 

Chakredy® has always shown me that we must learn to decipher information through the physical body. Now I see why. Certain things can trigger us to shut down this ability to discern. Truth frequency can be hard to come to terms with. It can often lead to cognitive dissonance, which leads to mental shut down and the override of truth frequency. 

It requires courage to openly connect with what resonates and what does not. Truth frequency does not always show us what we want to hear or see. However, it will never misguide you.

Why is it important?


If we access intuitive information/truth frequency through the physical body and chakra system, we can access resonance without having to go through the mind. This is why I feel that we have intentionally been trained to seek outside of ourselves and have not learned how to connect with our own body’s ability to discern. Chakredy has spelled it out very clearly, this is a tangible language spoken through very specific physical sensations and intuitive impressions. 

The struggle is not to discern the obvious no from yes, it’s the subtleties and nuances that require you to take on the role of an energetic detective to decipher the information that comes through you. You have this incredible opportunity to use the physical body as an interface between the seen and unseen realms to heighten and strengthen your discernment.

How do we work with it?

An Intuition Teaching came through in 2019. It provides structure, context and vocabulary to help people connect with subtleties and to make sense of what they experience energetically. 

The Intuition Teaching is broken down by anatomical planes and directionality across the chakra system using very specific sensations and impressions to help people learn where their body is detecting dissonance. 

I will be speaking to chakra based intuition over these next episodes and throughout the longevity of this podcast. 

Intuition Courses

You can learn more about the Chakra Based Intuition Courses here

If you are looking for the chakra to begin your intuition journey with, take the Intuitive Type Quiz here and discover your primary intuition chakra.

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