Tangible Intuition

Strengthening discernment through embodied awareness


What Type of Intuitive Are You?

Determine where your body experiences intuitive information most strongly. Identify your primary intuitive chakra within seconds.


Hi! I’m Alexis.

Just like you, I’ve spent a lifetime sensing energy. It used to wipe me out and bring me down. That’s because I didn’t know what to do with it.

When you can’t place what you’re sensing within and around you, it’s confusing and depleting. All energies blur into one bombarding wave of noise and chaos. Maybe you get consumed by this. Maybe you shut it down.


The ability to sense energy can work FOR you when you are willing to work WITH it.

We all experience, perceive and feel energy. There are many ways in which energy and intuition speak. I help you learn the language of your intuition by providing you with a framework to identify and articulate these impressions.

Your intuition is speaking. Are you ready to listen?

Intuitive Reclamation

Direct Diologue

Only you can engage your intuition, this is the direct communication between you and your own spirit. Intuition speaks through subtle sensations and impressions.

Standing in Your Individual Authority

In order to be in clear and direct communication with your spirit, you are required to stand in your individual authority. This means that you take full responsibility for yourself as a sovereign being.

Examining Beliefs

We are systematically conditioned away from our most basic inner knowing. Reclaiming your intuition is like detoxing. In order to access the guidance within, you must be willing to examine and let go of core beliefs and programs that have functioned to separate you from your navigation system.

The Body as Technology

In this material realm the physical body is a technology, so is the chakra system. Technology can be weaponized against you AND it can be used to your advantage. Learn how to place and interpret the intuitive information you have experienced all along.

Tangible Intuition Courses

Immerse yourself in the Tangible Intuition Self-Study Courses. These 7 chakra based intuition courses have been created to provide comprehensive body based awareness. 


Root Chakra Healing Kit

The root chakra is the energy center that connects you to your physical body and the natural world. This vortex bridges the material with the energetic and is essential to address when experiencing imbalances across these aspects: Body, food, trauma, grounding, abundance, elimination, movement, rhythm, community, traditions, autonomy, generational imprinting (and so much more). In order to heal at the root level, you must bring your energy fully into the body. The spiritual work is done through the physical form.

Tangible Intuition on Youtube

Check out the newly created Tangible Intuition Channel! Video is a great medium for sharing information. If you’re looking to develop your intuition, I’m here to help!

The Tangible Intuition Podcast

Welcome to the Tangible Intuition Podcast where we dive deep into all things energy and body based knowing. Host Alexis Saloutos, makes intuition tangible, energy practical and the physical magical.

From casual conversations to professional case studies, this podcast will help you make sense of the subtleties you’ve experienced all of your life. You are a natural born truth detector.

Learn how to ground, hold clear energetic boundaries, discern energy and decipher your intuition.

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